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    is there a way to apologize to everyone you know for being a sad flake without it sounding like a cry for help???

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  4. I think I quit my job today in a fit of total and utter desperate anger at these stupid women who control my life and make my job, which I used to love, something that I dread

    the main Evil Woman showed me boudoir pictures of herself on her cell phone once, in addition to text message conversations between her and a guy where she talked about raping him, as if it was a sexual thing, with no idea that it might trigger something emotional in me, unforgiving when I told her how hurtful it is when rape is positively sexualized 

    this main Evil Woman told my boss I called her “shitty” while she was on vacation, and when I denied it, she insisted that I had, citing her “detailed notes” that she took in a meeting, to which I said, “why does anybody even begin to believe something just because you wrote it down? why would anybody believe you?”

    they all continued to tell me that I was the problem, and I was blaming outward and not taking accountability for myself, to which I said, “you are supposed to be my bosses, you are supposed to be accountable”

    I told them they made it impossible to work there, and that our store was insane, and how it made me crazy because it made no sense, how they run it. They kept saying it can’t be the store and I assured them it was!!! I have worked at many other branches. 

    I wish our world worked differently!!! And that you could be a good person and still be in charge. It might make things a little more difficult and make less money, but at least people would be happier.

    I like to work hard and reward others that work hard, respect different personality types and leave drama out of it. I like to find solutions to problems instead of trying to make sure there is blame being placed on one person specifically. 

    today was so stupid I actually came to my tumblr to write this post about it. who does that? 

    please send posi thoughts to me because I’m afraid

  5. my dog just sat like this for a minute

  6. wow

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  7. 1. fuck you

    2. i don’t care

    3. photobooth forever

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    Here it is!!! I assisted in the special effects make-up for the cats!

    front page of pitchfork @ http://pitchfork.com/

    omg found it

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    us as wine

    oh yeah this

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    the heat is making me crazy

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    highway unicorn

    ugh. i’m having to go through like my entire tumblr to look for this music video i worked on


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    life in allston

    1. wake up at 7, filled with last night’s beer
    2. pee
    3. wake up at 11:30
    4. get a huge coffee at twin
    5. watch star wars marathon on cable
    6. get afternoon beers/bloody marys at deep ellum
    7. smoke a bowl
    8. get tea somewhere
    9. watch planet earth
    10. pass out


    this was nice

  14. lest we forget

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    Steps For Success:

    • dye your hair black
    • get drunk
    • smoke weed
    • give no fucks
    • listen to Led Zeppelin
    • be yourself

    still applicable